List invoices and payments.

Use case

The app asks for a list of invoices and payments.


    "method": "list_transactions",
    "params": {
        "from": 1693876973, // starting timestamp in seconds since epoch (inclusive), optional
        "until": 1703225078, // ending timestamp in seconds since epoch (inclusive), optional
        "limit": 10, // maximum number of invoices to return, optional
        "offset": 0, // offset of the first invoice to return, optional
        "unpaid": true, // include unpaid invoices, optional, default false
        "type": "incoming", // "incoming" for invoices, "outgoing" for payments, undefined for both


If type is not specified, both invoices and payments are returned. The from and until parameters are timestamps in seconds since epoch. If from is not specified, it defaults to 0. If until is not specified, it defaults to the current time. Transactions are returned in descending order of creation time.

    "result_type": "list_transactions",
    "result": {
        "transactions": [
               "type": "incoming", // "incoming" for invoices, "outgoing" for payments
               "invoice": "string", // encoded invoice, optional
               "description": "string", // invoice's description, optional
               "description_hash": "string", // invoice's description hash, optional
               "preimage": "string", // payment's preimage, optional if unpaid
               "payment_hash": "string", // Payment hash for the payment
               "amount": 123, // value in msats
               "fees_paid": 123, // value in msats
               "created_at": unixtimestamp, // invoice/payment creation time
               "expires_at": unixtimestamp, // invoice expiration time, optional if not applicable
               "settled_at": unixtimestamp, // invoice/payment settlement time, optional if unpaid
               "metadata": {} // generic metadata that can be used to add things like zap/boostagram details for a payer name/comment/etc.

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