Request payment of multiple invoices.

Use case

The app requests a payment of multiple BOLT-11 invoices from the wallet.


    "method": "multi_pay_invoice",
    "params": {
        "invoices": [
          {"invoice": lnbc1...", "amount": 123}, // bolt11 invoice and amount in msats, amount is optional
          {"invoice": lnbc50n1..."},


For every invoice in the request, a separate response event is sent. To differentiate between the responses, each response event contains an payment_hash tag with the payment hash of the invoice it is responding to.

    "result_type": "multi_pay_invoice",
    "result": {
        "preimage": "0123456789abcdef..." // preimage of the payment


  • PAYMENT_FAILED: The payment failed. This may be due to a timeout, exhausting all routes, insufficient capacity or similar.

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