Lookup data of a specific invoice

Use case

The app requests to lookup a BOLT-11 invoice from the wallet.


    "method": "lookup_invoice",
    "params": {
        "payment_hash": "31afdf1..", // payment hash of the invoice, one of payment_hash or invoice is required
        "invoice": "lnbc50n1..." // invoice to lookup


    "result_type": "lookup_invoice",
    "result": {
        "type": "incoming", // "incoming" for invoices, "outgoing" for payments
        "invoice": "string", // encoded invoice, optional
        "description": "string", // invoice's description, optional
        "description_hash": "string", // invoice's description hash, optional
        "preimage": "string", // payment's preimage, optional if unpaid
        "payment_hash": "string", // Payment hash for the payment
        "amount": 123, // value in msats
        "fees_paid": 123, // value in msats
        "created_at": unixtimestamp, // invoice/payment creation time
        "expires_at": unixtimestamp, // invoice expiration time, optional if not applicable
        "settled_at": unixtimestamp, // invoice/payment settlement time, optional if unpaid
        "metadata": {} // generic metadata that can be used to add things like zap/boostagram details for a payer name/comment/etc.

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